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The Times of India, Ahmedabad, More Scope for Tie-Up with Canada, Wednesday, March 29, 1995

Power generation, telecom, agriculture and food processing and textile are some of the fields which offer tremendous scope for Indo-Canadian collaboration, Canadian attorney Herbert Brownstein said here today.

Addressing a gathering at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday on the business opportunities and immigration laws in Canada he said despite its vast market and industrial base India occupied a lowly number 26 on the list of countries with which Canada has trade relations.

The volume of trade was a mere $600 million compared to China's $4.5 billion. Even smaller countries like Taiwain and Singapore had trade volume in the region of $1 billion, he said.

India, which is a major producer of tropical fruits and Canada which has a high quality of technology, could collaborate in a meaningful way in food processing. The volume of trade in agriculture produce has gone up remarkably following the exchange of missions between India and Canada last year. The Indian cabinet recently gave green signal to a Canadian firm to enter Indian distillin and fruit-juice market, he pointed out.

Agri-food industry is an integral part of Canada's economy, contributing 8 percent of its GNP and employing 2 million people, he said.

The United States remains the most important market for Canadian automotive industry, accounting for more than 80 percent of total shipment of vehicles and parts. However, with the cost of labour going up, Canada is looking for developping country for export production of automobiles and their accessories, Mr. Brownstein said.

He also drew the attention of the gathering to the consumer products. West Asia, including India, imports nearly 20 percent of the power equipment from Canada which manufactures about two percent of the world market of such products, he said.



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