June 25, 1999

Mr. Mitchell Brownstein

Managing Partner

Brownstein, Brownstein, Attorneys

Dear Mr. Brownstein:

On behalf of the Government of Canada, I am pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Team Canada trade mission led by Prime Minister Jean Chretien, as it travels to Japan and Australia from September 11 to 24, 1999.

In Japan, Canada's second largest trading partner, many new opportunities have emerged as a result of structural changes in the economy, shifting demographic patterns, industrial restructuring and on-going de-regulation efforts. Your participation on the mission will expose you to Japan at a time of transformation and will highlight many of the business opportunities which exist there. While Canada's trade with Japan was traditionally built on our resource sectors, the recent changes in the Japanese economy offer many new trade and investment opportunities, particularly for advanced and new Canadian technologies.

The commercial environment in Australia is exceptionally attractive to Canadian business. The country's economy experienced a solid growth of 4.7 percent in 1998 and is expected to grow by 4.4 percent in 1999. The Australian business community's focus on productivity and competitiveness, its rapid uptake of new technologies, products and services and the similarities of its business and social culture to our own make It an ideal new market for Canadian companies. Manufactured and other value-added products and services, already a significant portion of Canadian exports to Australia, offer room for significant expansion.

By drawing on the prestige of Canada's Prime Minister, Provincial Premiers, Territorial Government Leaders and municipal leaders, this mission will open numerous doors for Canadian companies in the region. Previous missions to Asia Pacific in 1994, 1996 and 1997, and to Latin America in 1998, have proven that Team Canada missions are an effective introductory tool to new markets. Moreover, participation on this mission will create opportunities to network with overseas contacts, expedite negotiations and contract closure, and increase prospects for bilateral business cooperation. Clearly the Team Canada concept works for Canadians since now, more than ever before, Canadian businesses are taking on the global competition and winning.

The enclosed invitation package provides more information about the mission and includes all the forms you require to register as a business delegate. The Team Canada Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is prepared to assist you in preparing for the mission. If you require further information please contact the Team Canada Division at (613) 955-2194, or by fax at (613) 996-3406.

I look forward to your response and hope that you will discover the positive impact that being a member of Team Canada 1999 can have on your business activities.

Yours sincerely,

Hon. Sergio Marchi