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Immigration to Canada under the Quebec Immigration program:

If you know FRENCH language and are QUALIFIED, you have a very good possibility of immigrating to Canada under the Quebec immigration program.

Canada has a long history of immigration and immigrants have helped to build this country in last 200 years. However, immigrants from Asia region have increased considerably in the last 40 years.

Canada is a very large country and there are 10 provinces (states) in Canada. The government statistics shows that in recent years, almost 95% of the immigrants have settled in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

Other provinces / states such as Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Quebec need new immigrants and manpower in certain skill areas but so far have failed to attract new immigrants. Therefore, in last few years, the governments of all the above provinces have made an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada which gives them the right to choose / select immigrants as per the needs of the province.

However, the oldest and the most open immigration program is that of the province of Quebec. Under the Quebec immigration program, the province selects the applicants on basis of merit, while Federal Government of Canada handles the final security and medical clearance. It is the Federal Government that issues the visa.

Quebec also has a very open Business Immigration Program for businessmen who wish to establish a business in Canada. Many businessmen from Asian countries have taken advantage of this program. This is an ideal program for import-export businessmen who wish to establish a presence in North America.

Under the Quebec Immigration Program, all applicants make two applications. The 1st one to the Provincial (state) Government and after it is approved; the 2nd application is made to the Federal Government.

All the provinces have specific demand occupation list but the possibility of immigration is great, as till date a very small number of applicants have taken advantage of these programs since the old Canadian immigration rules were very liberal.

Under the Quebec immigration program, it is possible to apply under any occupation provided applicant has good knowledge of French language. The Quebec government wishes to take 25,000 immigrants per year but only about 17,000 immigrants come to Quebec per year. Therefore, applicants who are interested in immigrating to Canada and do not have very high qualifications or cannot qualify for Canadian immigration should consider learning French language and apply for immigration to Canada under the Quebec immigration program.

French language can be learnt anywhere in the world in any major city at the French language institute, namely, “Alliance Francais”, which is operated by the French government at very reasonable prices.

As our office is in the city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, our firm is ideally located to process immigration applications for prospective applicants under the Quebec immigration program.

Please down load MS Word or Adobe PDFform, complete it and return to us either as e-mail attachment or by post.

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