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We are a Global Immigration and Visa Consulting firm specializing in Canadian immigartion matters. We provide advise on immigrating to Canada and process applications for all types of Canadian temporary and permanent visa classes such as visitor visa, student visa, work permit, skilled worker immigration, business immigration (investor & entrepreneur class), self employed class, family and marraige sponsorship,etc. Members of our firm include lawyers and consultants who have several years of experience and expertise in the field of immigration. We are associated and affiliated with law firms in many different countries around the world. Our legal advisers are member of Gujarat State (India) Bar Association and also member of International Bar Association. We are also associated and affiliated with law firms in different countries who assist our clients professionals and businessman in their immigration and other matters.Our online audio/ visual seminar (Flash is required )

Prashant Ajmera with the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Jean Chretien, during the Team Canada Trade Mission To India, January 1996 & to Japan in Sep. 1999 and with other government officials.

Mr. Prashant Ajmera is an Indian attorney, member of the Gujarat Bar Association and a member of the Institute of Company secretary & Administration from UK and present member of the ICSA (Canada). Mr.Ajmera was also an associate of leading Canadain Immigartion law firm.

Mr. Ajmera's former Canadian immigration law firm was invited and participated in the Government of Canada Trade Mission to India/Asia headed by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of Canada

Mr. Ajmera with Quebec Government deputy Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mr. Andre' Boulerice, in May 2002 in the city of Montreal at one of the Indian Association cocktail party.

He has also participated in the Team Canada Mission to India in 1996 headed by the Prime Ministers of Canada.

He is also invited and participated in Canadian Foreign Ministers Trade mission to India & Pakistan in 1997.

He is also a member of the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION AND Web coordinator for Immigration and Nationality committee - 14 . He is also a speaker at the IBA conference in Cancun, Mexico in Oct. 2001 on the subject of Canada Immigration and GATS.

Speaking at the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION annual conference in Durban South Africa, 21st November 2002 On Canadian Federal Business Immigration Regulations

He has contributed number of articles on Canadian immigration matters including The Times of India of Bombay. , Indian Express, Economic Times, Hitwada (India) and many more;

He has conducted number of seminars on the subject before the various Chamber of Commerce in Canada & India Merchant Chamber; Hindustan Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai India; Gujarat Chambers of Commerce, Ahmedabad, India;

Interview Mr. Raymond Chan MP and Secretary of State for Asia Pacific Region, Government of Canada, as a special assignment from Dalal Street Investment Journal of Bombay for their country report on Canada;

Discussion on " General Immigration Rules" was televised by Ahmedabad (Indian)Television station under the program called " Kyado Bole Chhe"

For "Propose immigration regulations" interviewed on Multicultural Channel 47 of Toronto, Canada on 14th Jan. 1996.

Member of the following Association:

  • Gujarat State Bar Association; Ahmedabad, India
  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administration(Canada & UK)
  • International Bar Association; London, UK
  • Indo-Canadian Business Club, Ottawa, Canada;
  • Indo-Canadian Chambers of Commerce, Toronto, Canada;
  • Indo-Canadian Business Club, Mumbai, India;


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