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Immigration process of your application under the Independent & Business immigration Class:

(The dates are given for understanding of the application process only and individual time may vary from application to application.)

1-Jan-1999 - You made an inquiry with us for your immigration assessment;

3-Jan-1999 - We replied back to you;

5-Jan-1999 - You raised some questions;

8-Jan-1999 - We replied back to you;

10-Jan. 1999 - You decided to retain our services. At this point you will sign a contract with us and send the 1st deposit of your fees to our firm. Fees are payable by wire, international money order or bank draft. Specific details will be provided at later stage;

- We will send you a package with the original application forms and other necessary forms with a list of documents to be provided by you.

30-Jan. 1999 - We received your documents and application forms along with the government processing fees.

10th Feb. 1999 - Your application will be submitted to the appropriate Canadian High Commission (CHC) office, mutually decided by us ( 2nd installment of your fees is payable at this time).

28-Feb.1999 - We will receive acknowledgment from the CHC.

Once the file is paper screened and if no additional documents/information is required, you will be called for an interview according to the order of priority in which the files are received by the CHC. This time varies from one CHC office to another and can range from 6 months to 18 months. Before the interview we will provide you with all the interview material and preparation.

Once you pass your interview, you will be receive medical forms to undergo medical examination. These forms are provided for yourself and your wife and children ( if you are married). Our 3rd payment of fees will be paid at this stage.

Once this process is done, the final visa is issued to you which has a validity of one year from the date of undergoing medical examinations. Base on this visa you must come to Canada before the mentioned expiry date.


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