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Prashant makes the French Connection
Ajmera Family Photo

The following story is about an Indian lawyer, Mr. Prashant Ajmera, who's good fortune was the result of hard work, strong will and perseverance. As a graduate of law from Gujurat University Mr. Ajmera practised as a lawyer in the High Court of Gujurat, Ahmedabad, India from 1984 to 1988.


Ever since he was a child he had a strong urge to travel the world. In 1988 he set off for a two month period on a tour to Europe finally ending up in England. Once there he applied to the prestigious London School of Accountancy in an effort to obtain his Corporate Administrative qualification. Living in this Western culture was a difficult experience and indisputably a very expensive affair. Determined not to ask for any money from his family, he worked long hours doing odd jobs in restaurants and other stores, working for as long as 16-18 hours a day. Though this was a harsh life compared to the comforts he enjoyed in India, it taught him alot about the Western way of living.

During his years in London he developed a strong desire to immigrate to a Western country but realized it was impossible to immigrate to the United Kingdom based on their strict immigration laws.

In January 1992, he came across an advertisement in the Canada News publication from the Canadia law firm. Shortly thereafter he read an article in the Overseas Jobs Express publication by the same attorneys. Discovering through these publications that the associates of this law firm travelled the world to meet with their clients and provide consultations, he scheduled a meeting for September 3, 1992, in London. Mr. Mitchell  assessed his options and advised him that he had bright chances of immigrating under Quebec's immigration policy provided he learned some French. It was a tough proposition but Prashant was determined to succeed.

In 1993, Prashant returned to India and married. Under Quebec Immigration laws since additional points could be obtained should the spouse have some knowledge of French, both he and his wife studied French at the Alliance Francaise in Ahmedabad, India.

In the middle of September 1993, they were called for an interview at the Quebec Delegation in London but were unable to attend as the British High Commission in Bombay refused to grant them the necessary tourist visas to enter the United Kingdom. The law firm transferred the file to the Quebec Delegation in Bangkok as a mission to the New Delhi office was scheduled for May of 1994. Since the law firm provides their client's with the option of ensuring that a lawyer from the firm is present at their interview, Prashant decided to take advantage of the service and at the same time discuss the possibility of conducting seminars on immigration in two cities of India, namely, New Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Prashant worked hard to see that all necessary arrangements were made for the seminars. Advertisements were placed in the newspaper and at the same time he and his wife prepared themselves for their interview since the interview was to be conducted in French.

In May 1994, they appeared for their interview with their attorney, who under Quebec regulations is permitted to be present during the interview and were informed immediately that they had been selected as permanent residents for Quebec.

Mr. Herbert  was so impressed by Prashant's work in India concerning the seminars, that he offered him a position as a permanent representative for Canadian Immigration, officially representing law firm for all of India.

Ever since, Prashant has not looked back. He has provided consultations for hundreds of clients in India and has conducted seminars in India on Canadian immigration, contributed a number of articles in various Indian publications and is an active member of the Indo-Canadian Business Club.

The Ajmeras arrived in Canada on the 14th of November 1995 with their one year old daughter. They are now settled in Montreal and Prashant is working as an associate of law fiem at their head office in Westmount, Quebec. In January 1996, he travelled with Senior Partner, Herbert on the Prime Minister of Canada's mission to India with 200 representatives of Canada's largest businesses concerning business collaboration with Canada.

In order to properly settle in Canada, his lawyers, who are now his friends, had arranged for his accommodation, providing his family with all the comforts of home and helped him in anyway that they could to make him and his family welcome and at home in Canada.

Note: Since Sep. 2001 Prashant Ajmera has his own immigartion practice in the City of Montreal, Canada.



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