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Our employment & job search services: AT PRESENT TIME WE DO NOT PROVIDE THIS SERVICE

Since 1996, our firm has been providing employment and job search related services to our clients. We provide job search service, HRDC job offer approval, known as labor market opinion and work permit visa. Clients have several options to choose from depending on individual needs and personal circumstances. Our services can be availed before coming to Canada or after coming to Canada either as a temporary visitor or as a permanent immigrant.

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1. Assessment of your chances of being employed in Canada

2. Do-it-yourself employment search service

3. Complete employment search service

4. HRDC approved employment in Canada

5. Provincial Nominee Program employment offer

1. Assessment of your employability in Canada

Under this service we will provide you with an assessment of your chances of finding suitable employment within Canada. This service includes:

Finding the city that offers the greatest chance of employment. selected;
Evaluation of qualification
Providing all employment options
Estimation of potential compensation
Making valuable recommendations
Determining the cost of your job search

2. Do-it-yourself employment search service

Under this service we provide customized job search package specially prepared for clients who wish to apply for a job in Canada. This package will also increase your chances of securing more points at the immigration selection interview( if you have already applied or wish to apply for Canadian permanent residency) as it demonstrates that you have made the necessary efforts to find a suitable job in Canada.

This service can be very useful for those indivuduals who have received an immigrant visa and wish to contact potential employers before actually landing in Canada.

This service includes:

Sending revised copy of your resume with personalized letter to each of the companies that we have identified as your potential employer in Canada.
Mailing address labels for each of the company with your return address label
Providing guide lines for planning your strategies for impressive telephone interview and advice to follow up on the interview
Providing the master list of all your potential employers with name of the HR manager of individual companies

3. Complete employment search service

This complete employment placement program is designed for professionals who are interested in settling in USA/Canada and who can visit these countries or who are ready to give interview from their home country via telephone or individuals who are new immigrants in Canada and need assistance in finding a suitable job in Canada.

This service includes:

Pre-arranged interview with your prospective employer
Advice on planning interview strategies
Insight information for hiring process
Job description and company details
Advice on how to negotiate a pay package
How to finalize a job offer

4. HRDC approved employment in Canada

Human Resources Development Canada, popularly known as HRDC, is the labor department of Canada. In view of the foreign workers hired by many Canadian employers, their main function is to ensure that Canadian companies hire foreign workers only if the job vacancy cannot be filled up by Canadian permanent residents or citizens either due to shortage of manpower or lack of qualificayions and/or skills specific to the job.

These foreign workers are to be hired on similar terms and conditions that will be offered to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Canadian employers are required to make an application to the HRDC before hiring a foreign worker and evaluation of this application is known as labor market opinion or job offer validation.

Our firm can assist new and prospective immigrants in finding a suitable job in Canada in under many occupation categories. Applicant who have received a job offer and need assistance in obtaining HRDC job validation on behalf of their employers can also avail our services.

Based on such a validated job offer, prospective immigrants can receive up to 10 points in their permanent immigration application under the Federal immigration program.

5. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) employment offer

In recent years several provinces of Canada have made an agreement with the Federal Immigration Department to formulate their own provincial immigration program in order to attract immigrants to their respective provinces. Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia have formulated their individual Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Passing points for each PNP program differ and each province has its own occupation demand list. If your occupation is on the demand list of a particular province that you wish to settle in, our firm can assist in finding a job in that province and eventually obtaining permanent immigration.

Please click on the province to view the occupation list.

Newfoundland & Labrador
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

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