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Do you have your Canada immigration pending since 2003 and after?

If you have filed your Canada immigration case under federal skilled worker in 2002 and after and still pending and you have not received your decision, interview or medical, you can file court case in Federal court of Canada.


Individually to file a case is very expensive and hence we are making a group of applicants to distribute cost and also at same time make your voice known to the government and asking federal court of Canada to direct the Canadian government to make decision in your case as soon as possible.


We have keep very minimum cost of 750 CD$ + 1000 CD$ on success of court case including court fees.


Join in this action to challenge Government of Canada


E-mail us for more information and join this action


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New Immigration Policy: Oldest cases in backlog may never get processed

Join our Skilled Worker Mandamus Action


Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has abandoned its long-applied “first in, first out” processing to one where those who apply under the current Occupation List are processed first. After those applications have been assessed, those who applied under the previous Occupation List will be reviewed. Thus, those who applied as Federal Skilled Workers (FSW) before 26 June 2010 and have not yet had their file assessed should not expect it to be assessed 2011 because the 2011 quota will be filled from applicants who applied after 25 June 2010 and those who have already been assessed. Absent a change in policy, significantly larger visa post quotas or a precipitous drop in new FSW applications, skilled worker applicants who applied before 27 February 2008 and have not yet had their files assessed are unlikely ever to have their files assessed. And, come  July 1st, when a new Occupation List will go into effect, applicants who applied before that date will be moved further down the processing queue.


Top Priority case – Filed after July 2011

Second priority case – Filed after 25th June 2010

Third Priority case – filed between 28th November 2008 – 25th June 2010

Last priority case – Filed before 28th Feb. 2008.


Canadian immigration visa posts in Europe and Asia have stated that FSW applications received prior to 26 June 2010 will not be processed in 2011 (unless medical forms have already been received). In Manila those who applied between November 2004 and 26 June 2010 and who have not yet received medical forms should not expect to have their files assessed in the foreseeable future. Indeed, the Canadian Embassy at Warsaw advises that it has no idea when it will review files lodged between 27 February 2008 and 26 June 2010, let alone earlier ones; and New Delhi states that it does not plan on assessing pre-Bill C50 files in 2011 or 2012.


FSW Applicants have three choices:

(1) re-apply if their occupation appears on the new 2011 Occupation List;

(2) do nothing and hope their file will be assessed during their lifetime or

(3) ask the Federal Court of Canada to order that their file be processed.


Taking Action

After 1 July 2011, we will initiate two types of court cases; viz.,


1. Mandamus: We apply for "leave”, asking the Court to hear the case, and, if it agrees

to do so, we will seek a Court order requiring CIC to process the application.


2. Damages: This action, which does not require permission to be argued, will seek damages

for the wages lost from the date CIC estimated the file would be finalized to the date of

the court order.



Our fees are 750 CD$ + 1000 CD$ on success of court case.



Who we are?

Our lawyer was a lead counsel in Dragan, where, on 21 February 2003, the Federal Court ordered CIC to assess our 102 litigants' files by 31 March 2003. Our case caused CIC six months later to abandon its plan to apply retrospectively the new selection criteria in over 100,000 cases.

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