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Business Immigration & Visa to Canada: Investor, Entrepreneur & Self employed class:

Canada welcomes successful business people seeking new opportunities and challenges. The Canadian Business Immigration program is designed to encourage and facilitate the admission of such people to Canada.

Any business person who wishes to immigrate to Canada must apply outside of Canada to an authorized business Immigration office. There are no quotas based on nationality. If one meets the requirements, a permanent visa for Canada is issued to you, your spouse and children.

Canada has been voted as one of the best places in the world to live with the highest living standard in the world for the past 5 years by the UNITED NATIONS.

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There are two main classes under which businesspersons can apply for Canadian Permanent Immigration. This is general guide line for business immigration to Canada. For more specifc rule follow the link at the end of this page.

1. Entrepreneurs:|

Under this category one must satisfy the government that:

a. The applicant has the ability and intention to establish or purchase a business or make an investment in Canada;

b. The applicant will create a job for one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other than his/her family member;

c. The applicant will participate and has the ability to run & manage a business in Canada.

2. Investor class:

Under this class a businessperson must satisfy the government that:

a. He/She operated a business outside Canada for 2 years or has practice or is senior executive;

b. Is willing to make an investment of 800,000 CD$ in an approved fund (Governmnet Fixed deposit) for a five year period without any interest. This investment is after passing in interview.

We can also arrange loan of 800,000 CD$ from Canadian Bank for 5 years if you do not wish to liquidate your assets.

c. Has a net worth of 1,600,000 CD$ in world wide assets ( Husband and wife combined).

Under this class there is no requirements to start a business in Canada.

The applicant can also get a loan from a Canadian bank of CD$ 800,000. The immigrant will be required to pay CD$ 220,000-180,000 in interest on passing immigration interview.

There is no age limit or language requirements for either of the above categories.

Processing of the Visa Application:

A. An applicant must decide which program he/she wishes to apply for and prepare his/her net worth (All your assets less liabilities) statement.

B. Send that information to our office in Canada either by post, fax or e-mail.

C. We will make an assessment of the case and inform the applicant whether he/she qualifies for either of the two programs.

D. If the applicant qualifies and wishes to go ahead with the application we will provide the applicant with a list of documents and application forms to be signed by him/her after receiving a retainer.

E. Once we receive all these documents we prepare the application and send it to the government.

F. Once the application is received by the government a file number will be assigned.

G. The applicant will then be called for an interview at the immigration office.

H. Our office will provide the applicant with interview preparation. If the applicant wishes, a lawyer from our company will remain present in person at the time of your interview provided our traveling cost is paid by the applicant. In that case we will prepare you in person.

I. After a successful interview, the applicant will be required to pass medical and security clearance. Once this is completed, a permanent visa (like the USA Green Card) will be issued to the applicant.

What are the benefits of Immigrating to Canada?

1. Immigrate with spouse and children;

2. Free medical care for all and free school education for your children;

3. No visitor visa required to visit the USA once you become citizen of Canada;

4. Sponsor your parents and other family members;

5. Visit your home country as often and when you wish;

6. Apply for Citizenship after three years of your first arrival in Canada.;

7. Once you are a Canadian citizen, you can expand your business in the USA under the NAFTA agreement;

8. Under the investor program, there is no need to start a business in Canada;

9. Very quick processing time;

10. High quality of life and low crime rate.

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