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Business Immigration & Visa to Canada: British Columbia Business Immigration program:

Canada business immigration regualtions allow successful business people to obtain immigration of Canada. There is a main Federal business Immigration program which has three sub classes - Investor program, Entrepreneur program & Self employed program. Province of Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and New Found land have their own Business immigration program. All programs are based on the Federal program but most popular one is Quebec business immigration program.

We are an immigration consulting firm assisting individuals, professionals, skilled workers and business people to immigrate to Canada. Our firm provides legal advice on a variety of issues including how to immigrate to Canada, buy and sale business in Canada, ( We have more then 250 Businesses for sale in Canada) Incorporation of the company and such related services.

British Columbia Business Immigration class:

Under the Agreement for Canada- British Columbia Co-operation on Immigration, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program was developed to provide British Columbia with a mechanism for increasing economic benefits of immigration to the province. There are three categories: Business Skills, Projects and Strategic Occupations.

Business Skills:

This category is intended to attract prospective applicants who have extensive resources and business experience, and who want to be actively involved in implementing a BC business undertaking which will make a significant contribution to the economy of the province.

Successful business experience
Minimum net worth: CAD$ 2 million
Minimum investment: CAD$ 1 million
Applicant to have a minimum ? equity
Business plan
Business to create a minimum of 5 new jobs
Applicant to have an active management role

This category is designed to assist companies with the timely entry of skilled, key managers and key technical professionals essential to the success of a business expected to generate significant economic benefits to British Columbia.


The company must have a proven record of successful experience in an area relevant to the proposed business
Only for new investments or business expansions (minimum CAD$ 1 million)


1. Applicant or sponsoring company submits a Preliminary Information Form: business background and proposed business summary or proposed new investment or expansion and staff requirement.

2. If it appears likely that the applicant or company meets program requirements, the applicant will be invited to submit a formal application.

3.Applicant or company submits formal application and payment of processing fees:
Business Skills:
$1,000 per key staff
$1,000 per key staff + $3,000 if independent of Business Skills application

4.PNP staff reviews the application and interviews the applicant or company official and key staff.

5.A mutually acceptable Performance Agreement with specific investment levels and time lines is signed.

6.Immediate entry and 2-year temporary work permits will be arranged for applicant or key foreign staff and family members.

7.Applicant or company implements investment plan according to Performance Agreement. PNP staff monitors progress.

8.When conditions on Performance Agreement are met, the Government of British Columbia nominates the applicant and family for permanent residence.

9.Permanent resident visas will be issued after criminality and security checks and medical examinations are carried out by the Government of Canada.

10. Provincial Nominee candidates receive expedited temporary work permits and can promptly settle in British Columbia with their immediate family members. After conditions on their Performance Agreement are met, they will be confirmed as Provincial Nominees and their immigration process (permanent resident status) will be expedited.

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